I want to tell you a little story: d-m-1

We all hear and it’s widely talked about that once you hit five years cancer free you’re free and clear. At least that’s what I thought it meant. And at the five-year mark doctors usually start seeing you less often. Michelle was seeing the doctor every six months for check ups and the blood test to make sure the tumor markers were still low. At her cancer free six-year mark doctor’s appointment the doctor said, “OK, I’ll see you in a year.” The doctor assumed everything was just going to be fine. Michelle gave her a look like, “No, can we keep it at six months?” She said OK and thank God! I am so grateful that six months wasn’t a year because at the next six-month check up her tumor markers were way up. I can only imagine what would’ve happened if she waited a year. This is something other cancer patient and survivors need to think about. Don’t be afraid to be an advocate and if you have a gut feeling go with it. I am so thankful that this was caught early the first time and it was caught earlier than it would have been this time.

I am also thankful for the incredible generosity of everyone who has donated to us, had a kind word or helped us share our story. Old friends, family and people who don’t even know us. We are so grateful!

I am also so grateful to have found my soul mate in Michelle. I am grateful for the life we have created and our two black cats. Wait a minute, maybe that’s why we’ve had bad luck? Does anyone want two black cats?our-boys

I am also extremely grateful for my loving, and supportive family.

I am grateful that I am healthy and able to take care of Michelle.

I forget this myself but we should all remember to try and find at least three things we are grateful for every day. When I remember it really does make a difference. I sent love out to all!!


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