Fighting Cancer with Humor, Bravery and a Stuffed Duck!

I have been with Michelle for over 26 years and just now I’m learning the extent of her bravery and humor. I havepirate so much respect and admiration for how Michelle is dealing with this second round of chemo. People have been telling Michelle, she’s brave. And when I said it to her, she said, “Why is this being brave, what choice do I have?” Michelle had told me that if she ever had to do chemo again she would not do it. You do have a choice. And Michelle chose to get right back in the game and beat this Bastard C once again. She’s brave because of the way she has chosen to deal with the situation. Now I always thought that I was the one with the best sense of humor. I mean I was a standup comedian. But Michelle has surpassed me in so many ways. How many people would make a game of getting their head shaved because their hair is falling out in the shower from chemo? When our wonderful neighbor Richard said he would cut her hair and do it in stages with the Mohawk look as an example, she was all for it. From there he gave her a Hare Krishna look. And best of all was Michelle’s first day going to work at a fairly new job, bald. Instead of wearing a simple cap she chose to break the ice with her Johnny Sparrow pirate bandana and dreads look. Oh, and because we didn’t have a parrot she went with a stuffed duck. If you don’t call that brave then I don’t know what the hell it is! I can’t even imagine being in her shoes, but to be honest with you I don’t think I could’ve done what she did.

You are my hero Michelle!

Cancer Sucks, so you have to find a way to laugh in its face!

Start Shave 2

Punk 1

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