Well, here we are in for chemo number five, part 2, the day after Christmas. (It sounds like a sequel.) In spite of anticipating having to go to chemo the day after michelle-fishtankChristmas and having to leave Michelle at home, which I agonized over for weeks, I had a really nice Christmas day with my beautiful family. I am so lucky to have them! Michelle couldn’t come and that was very sad. We really missed her!!! I have a tradition I do once a year on Christmas. Drink wine. I’m a cheap drunk so three sips and I’m quite buzzed. So I’m a little hung over on chemo day, the day we get, “The Teaching Nurse.” Why is she explaining all sorts of technical things to us? Why is she giving us a blood count and neutropenia quiz? My eyes are glazing over and I flunked. Our room today is 13. But since we have two black cats I guess that shouldn’t worry us. I went out for a walk and when I came back one of the nurses practically tackled me to see my wristband. I tried to tell her I wasn’t a patient. I know I’ve aged 10 years in less than six months and I weigh 98 pounds but I’m a caregiver! This is the fourth time now that the nurses have mistaken me for the patient.  5 1/2 hours later we’re done and out of they’re once again, only to turn around and come back the next day for hydration. The nurse was very friendly and very, very, very, thorough and I promised to study next time.


Well guess what? Michelle has a new side effect to go with all others. Neurotoxicity. Let’s just say it’s like living with a drunken sailor now. Her equilibrium is off and I’m afraid she’s going to trip over the cats. So we can just add that to the long list of side effects only a very, very few people ever get like maybe one other person. So they’ll be no drinking or dancing on New Year’s. Speaking of which I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait till this year is over!! Bring on 2017! Happy New Year’s to everyone. Be safe!

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