Denise got my mind and body going! Really turned things around!

John learns the importance of expressing his feelings while walking and talking with his life coach Denise McCanles.

How walking with Denise helped Maggie Lind come from cancer related muscle atrophy to building muscle and feeling better and better!

One Conversation Changed My Life

There have been a few conversations that have altered my life. The most recent and one of the most profound was a conversation I had with Denise a sunny day in June of this year. I found Denise through a cancer support group not long after moving to LA. I was living with friends, fresh out of school and without a job, and was still recovering from the loss of my mother and only parent to breast cancer.

I moved to LA to start a new life, but did not have many resources or connections. Denise and I took a walk together and by the time 45 minutes had passed she had given me new hope and tools to achieve my goals. She not only listened and empathized; she had wonderful and concrete advice to give. She put me in touch with resources and people who also shared her loving and open heart. This led to my dream job and a beautiful new life that I thought might be out of reach before my conversation with her. Denise honestly changed my life and I know she is an inspiration to all who meet her!

Sarah Davis


Denise was such a great help in sorting out my thoughts and goals. Recently I went through some changes and was unsure how to cope and how to figure out my next move. I was feeling in a rut, working 12 hour shifts with little down time and feeling frustrated. I had put on 12 lbs. and had become moody. I finally felt I needed to reach out for help and had heard of Denise through a friend at work who saw her business cards. Denise was able to help me recognize what obstacles I created and how to step by step take care of those obstacles and move past them. She then helped me set realistic goals and gave me encouragement to accomplish them. It felt great to feel I had someone in my corner and someone to hold me accountable to make things happen without allowing me to procrastinate. I am currently down 15 lbs. and feel empowered. With Denise’s insight and encouragement I can now say I am relaxed about my decisions and my current status. I am forever grateful.

Heidi Francis, RN, Huntington Beach


When I met Ms. Denise for the first time she said, “What are you doing in here?” At first I didn’t totally get it but those words were always in my mind. I knew I wasn’t belonging where I was. Thanks to her I started focusing on my passion seriously. Three years have past and now I’m working full time in my dream job.Her words are really powerful.

Teruko N.


I had just lost my husband and felt very depressed, isolated and lonely. I felt like I was sitting behind a window looking out at life going on all around me, but I was not participating. I came to the realization that I was ready to talk to someone about how I was feeling inside, but didn’t know how. Denise had called me and checked in on me on a regular basis, and knowing how much I walked my dogs, suggested that she walk with me and we could talk. I thought that was a great idea! Denise came to me just at the right time, and I appreciated her coming on those walks and talking with me more than she will ever know. It was a huge part of my healing and I am truly grateful to her. I came from a very dark place, but with Denise’s help I got my life back. Anyone that may be struggling with something in their life would benefit from Denise’s coaching. Whether you need help after the loss of a loved one, trying to lose weight, or just need someone to talk to she will truly listen, focusing on you, and offer feedback that will help improve your life. Having the opportunity to have a coach like Denise to walk and talk with, will only improve the quality of your life.

 If I had to rate Denise’s coaching on a scale of 1 to 10, she would definitely receive a 10!

 Teri H., Ventura, Ca.


Working with Denise throughout our coach training has been such a pleasure, both personally and professionally. She is very intuitive and skillful in her coaching technique which has helped me in my own development. Denise is extremely professional and personable, all of which makes her an exceptional coach. I would recommend her to anyone seeking change and renewed energy within their lives. Denise’s good nature and spirit makes it so easy to work with her!

Lisa (Santollo) Perlowski, New Jersey

 Coaching with Denise has been pure pleasure. Her enthusiasm, her insight and her ‘Knowledge of Life’ have shown me how to make lasting positive change in my own.
Denise boosted me past “stuck” and yesterday, I signed on at the gym after procrastinating for years. Now looking forward to taking Bigger Strides.

Leslie Knight, Canada


I had a great experience going through coaching with Denise. She helped me work through goals for my consulting practice and next steps for my career. Denise does a great job of guiding the client towards the answers rather than simply giving answers. Because of that, I definitely recommend her for anyone seeking objective assistance in setting and achieving goals.

Tina Arnoldi, South Carolina


As I transition from working at home to securing a full-time position, sometimes I feel stuck and a bit overwhelmed about my job search. I am so grateful to Denise for helping me see that I can take tiny actions every day that eventually lead to major steps…and feel good doing it! Being accountable for my time, rewarding myself with fun things — this newfound way of living my life is empowering and exciting, the best kind of self-care. No matter what I am going through, by the end of our phone sessions, I feel inspired and rejuvenated. One of the many things Denise does best is to help me sort through the clutter in my mind and help me stay on track. Thank you, Denise!

Perry, Los Angeles, CA